Suggested Supply List
The required supply list will be given on the first week of school by your child's teachers. Some supplies are necessary year after year, but the specific requirements will differ from grade to grade and from teacher to teacher. We have provided you with a "suggested" supply list to use when planning for a new school year. It may be a good idea to invest in the following items: 

School Use  
  • 3-Ring Binder(s)    
  • Backpack   
  • Colored Pencils   
  • Eraser    
  • Folders (different colors to organize by class)  
  • Glue Stick      
  • Graph Paper      
  • Hand Sanitizer      
  • Highlighters      
  • Markers      
  • Pens/Pencils      
  • Spiral Notebook      
  • Mini Stapler    
Home Use
  • Computer with Internet Access (Comcast has a special program for low income families. Please click on this link for more details: Comcast Internet Essentials).
  • Printer
  • Ream of Computer Paper
  • Public Library Card
  • Dictionary & Thesaurus
Algebra/Algebra II
  • Scientific calculator with fraction key
  • Scientific calculator with fraction key
  • Circular protractor and ruler marked with in. and cm.
  • Compass
Foreign Language
  • Index cards
  • Foreign Language Dictionary
  • Graphing calculator, such as a TI-83 or 86
  • Graphing paper
Earth Space Science, Physical Science, Chemistry, and Physics
  • Scientific calculator